9 responses to “Wyoming’s Indian Basin and Fremont Peak – An Unforgettable Epic Adventure”

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  6. Shawna

    I love to read your stories of your adventures to the Wind Rivers. I love to see the beautiful pictures too. I have Island Lake on my bucket list. Thank you.

  7. Kathy Swanson

    Shelli I am eternally grateful for this experience that i cannot describe in words. You chronicled everything perfectly. My trust in you is immense and for good reason. You have earned it. I treasured the scenery, the exertion physically and mentally, but most of all my time with you. What a great gift! This will carry me through the long winter we are about to receive. Love you Sunrise.

  8. April Herren

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve never read anything like it. What a great thing to have women to share such adventures with. What an encouragement to me.

  9. Kyle

    That’s one great write up! I live in Farson and backpack the Winds as much as possible. After reading this, Fremont and Indian Basin have moved to the top of my “to hike” list! Thanks for the great story, I sure enjoyed it!

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