5 responses to “What We Learned During our 29-Day Epic Europe Family Adventure”

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    […] We started our tradition of taking these really long vacations last year when we traveled to Europe for 29 days. Now that we’ve taken long trips two years in a row, we hope we’re on a […]

  2. Walter W. Olson

    Having lived in Europe for four years and having visited it many times, it is a great place to viisit and everyone should see Europe at least once. You did an amazing amount of things in the course of 29 days but you did them right. When going to Europe the best things are not done quickly. While you did not get to do the Cinque de Terra, most short time travelers don’t even think of this gem! I am glad you did get to do an alternative. I really like giving Hayden control the of the budget! That is teaching responsibility the right way and will payoff well the rest of his life. and while you have seen a lot, there still much more to do in Europe that is still as rewarding as what you have done! And when you do these things, you will always deeply respect why you live in Lander and appreciate Lander even more.

  3. Terri

    This is the basis for a fantastic book — on how to take on the Epic……with a decision, commitment, follow through, footwork and adjusting as you go. Your decision to give the boys control over a significant responsibility for the trip will be one that will play out in a positive way for them for the rest of their lives! Thanks so much for your commitment to sharing this with the rest of us!

  4. Steve Ferwerda

    Thanks for sharing all of your experiences and photos on FB Shelli! What an amazing you all had. I’ve caught the travel bug lately and hope to do some serious traveling with Julie in the next few years.

  5. Laura Mernitz

    How great to read about your fantastic trip!

    I can particularly relate to the part when you describe how travelling and experiencing the beauty and differences of foreign places is the best way to learn what you love most about your life back home.

    Cheers from Germany!

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