6 responses to “Utah’s Goblin Valley is a Hit for Families”

  1. Shannon Kaminsky

    Thanks so much for sharing your family adventures Shelli. My 8 year old daughter likes to complain & whine as we go for hikes and after reading this I am now convinced that as a parent we need to add a little more fun into the hike. I’m looking forward to trying our own family treasure hunt in the near future….. Not to mention, your photos are beautiful and the scenery is a geologists dream (my hubby being a geologist might be very happy if I suggest we take a trip to Goblin Valley State Park)…..

  2. Kathy Browning

    Wow! Count the Brownings in for next year. We’d like to do this exact trip. Your pictures are stunning and it looks like the best natural playground ever for kids ~

  3. Sharon

    Hey Shelli,
    The colors in your photos are stunning. You obviously packed with photograhy in mind, eh?
    We are anxious to visit these parks. Actually, we are drooling to visit these parks!

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