3 responses to “Teton Crest Epic Anniversary Day Hike – 24 miles for 24 years together”

  1. تور تایلند

    Thank you for your efforts, Excellent site..

  2. Shelli

    Michael! BRILLIANT!!!!! Sign us up. That will be our plan, and I feel better and reinvigorated about our future anniversary adventures already. 🙂 Seriously.


    Nice going, Shelli and Jerry. Here’s a suggestion: Pick an anniversary year, maybe 25th or 30th, at which point you start counting backwards for the mileage of the big hike.

    Or, try this challenge, which my son came up with for me a few years ago: Hike your anniversary years (for me, its my age) in the same number of hours. So you would have had to finish 24 miles in 24 hours. At 30 years, it’s 30 miles, but you have 30 hours to finish it.

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