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“Dirty Jobs at Johnsons,” Episode 1

“Dirty Jobs at Johnsons,” Episode 1

So, you’ll recall from a previous post that my husband, Jerry, recently had a 4-level neck fusion operation. He’s doing great, but part of his rehab requirement is to be on his best behavior. (Read, no lifting or bending his neck, etc.)

As part of his rehab I’ve had to take over most of the “heavy lifting” at home. I knew Jerry was a huge help, but now I really know. Now on my list of things to do is scooping up the dog’s poop and hauling garbage.

At the same Jerry’s rehab started, school started. Our older sons, Wolf and Hayden, ages 9 and 7 respectively, have new chore lists as a result.

They are now scooping Taiga’s poop among other dirty chores. I’m grateful to their help I can tell you that! For the record, Fin, our 2-year-old son, is trying to help them as well.

Wolfie has ambitions to be a movie producer. So it was his idea to create “Dirty Jobs” episodes while capturing them doing some of the yuckier chores they now have as their responsibilities. Here is Episode 1 – waiting for, and then disposing of our husky, Taiga’s, scat.