6 responses to “Notes from our 26-Day, 2,600-Mile Epic Road Trip from Vancouver, B.C. to Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Trixie

    Loved it Shellster!

  2. Michele Sutter

    I thoroughly enjoyed all your pictures and this article is great! Thank you for sharing your EPIC family and travels.

  3. Jonni

    This is a very memorable article for me. So inspiring that you were able to create these memories and experiences for me. I love road trips and this was by far the best road trip article I have ever read. Thank you for taking the time to put this in writing so we could experience it with you. Even if someone didn’t know you or your family, it was so well written. I like to create scrap books of our trips for our memories. This article should go in a well known travel magazine as I feel it would encourage people to plan for vacations as you did understanding that the sacrifices of eating out only once a month are so worth it to be able to live it up while on vacation. And the planning it took, the teamwork from the family hopefully encourageds families to take similar steps to bring them closer together before they all grow up and go their separate ways, but carry on a traditiona.of their own and have other families do the same. Great write up Shelli. In my eyes you are definitely someone that I love to follow because you are a great writer and story teller. Maybe one day a world famous writer.

  4. Rebecca

    You are inspiring and so much fun! What a blessing for you and your family! We enjoyed reading all the details! So
    Happy you journaled each night so you could take us on this trip with you! Thank you Shelli!
    Much love,

  5. Sharon Weinberg

    I’m so glad your trip was epic in every way. Thanks for letting us ride along in your travels through your FB posts and this epic article. Inspiring!!!

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