5 responses to “Life is Full of Micro & Macro Route Decisions”

  1. Marc

    Inspirational, as always!
    Brooks Range was definitly a metaphore for life wasn’t it? ūüôā

  2. Leann

    Thanks Shelli, worth reading several times! Thanks for the inspiration to continue to celebrate being alive!

  3. Barbara Cartwright

    I hope we can all experience that gold, after choosing the higher route. Thanks Shelli, once again for your inspirational words of wisdom.

  4. Sharon Lincoln

    This is quite a timely message and very inspiring!!! Reminds me to continue to follow my gut and trust that it’ll all come together. Thanks for sharing this message shelli!!!!

  5. Kate Roeske

    So true! And I think that it’s important to take those risks. So many of us choose the easier path and fall asleep! Don’t! Wake up!! Go up! Stay awake!
    Loved it!! Write on!

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