8 responses to “Jackass Pass & Cirque of the Towers”

  1. Mark Erikse

    I hope to return to the wind river range before I pass I was there back in 1981 as a 21 year old with friends and your photos brought back many memories of the 2-1/2 months I spent in the mountains.

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  4. Brigitte

    Hi Shelli,
    this is a great blog, I am so glad I found it! Thanks for your hike descriptions.
    We want to hike in the Winds this summer. We have never been there before and I do not know which are the very best day hikes. Maybe this one to the Cirque of the Towers?
    Have you written a book I could buy or can you give me a book recommendation, since we would of course need more information, like detailed maps, difficulty ratings and the hiking time. I wonder how much time we might need for the Cirque of the Towers? (We are elder and rather slow hikers).
    Kind regards

  5. Charlie and Christine Corcoran

    Inspirational travellog! Me and my daughter are doing the Cirque this summer. Happy trails!

  6. larryd

    I have been to Yellowstone area 3 times in past 15 years and spent the entire 2002 summer working in Old Faithful area.
    I have since gotten married and have my first child due Feb. 2010. My dream trip is to backpack the Winds with my expected son/daughter and wife Janet for my 50th b-day in five years.
    I now have the right material/video to prove to my worried wife that this trip can be done and how beautiful the Winds truly are!
    Thank You!

  7. Ed McCord

    Just viewed your T/R & photos of the Jackass Pass trail to Cirque of the Towers. I’m ready to move to Lander already. Some people have all the luck!!!

  8. Craig Getchius

    Hi Shelli,
    I came across your on twitter and checked out your blog. I moved from Illinois to Casper about a two years ago and am making the transaction from fashion and advertising photographer to a nature and landscape photographer. My biggest problem is getting in shape to be able to take long hikes. (a most for a nature photographer) Anyway I have bookmarked your blog and am using it as inspiration to break all my old bad habits. (smoking, sleeping late, etc) Thanks for doing this. – Craig Getchius

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