Frontier Girl Eats Oysters For First Time

I just returned from Boston. It was my first visit. What a city! Among other things, I toured the Freedom Trail, ate oysters and New England clam chowder, quaffed a Sam Adams beer in the famous Cheers bar, and ate pastries from the North End. Lots of pastries.
A highlight was meeting up with Christine Perkett, of PerkettPR. She, too, has Wyoming roots, and I had not seen her in years. She joined me at America’s oldest restaurant, Union Oyster House, to provide “how to” and moral support for my first-ever eating of oysters. It was awesome. Scratch that. It. Was. Epic. :)

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One response to “Frontier Girl Eats Oysters For First Time”

  1. Kathy Browning

    Well, heck, that was nothing. I’ve heard that Shelli will eat all manner of things on the trail: grasshoppers, fireweed….. Seriously, it’s good you had a good guide there, it looks like you had a fun trip!

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