7 responses to “Climbing Finis Mitchell’s Mountain”

  1. Dave Spainhower

    After reading one of his trail books I had the pleasure of going to Rock Springs and went to his home and had a sit down visit with Finis. What a great person and with still a lot of energy,he autographed my book. What he and his wife did for the wilderness will be for every remembered. He’s still on a hike finding new places

  2. Sandy Snow

    I am Finis Mitchell’s granddaughter and thought I would let you know that we are in the process of sending all of his slides photos etc to the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center where they will digitize and make available to everyone his great treasures. This is the right thing to do with his stuff to share with everyone.

  3. Dennis Snow

    Do you know what became of all Finis Mitchells photographs?


  4. Megan Jones

    What an amazing hike and an amazing story behind the name of the peak. Finis Mitchell sounds like a really fantastic man with a big heart. I cannot believe that there was a span of 50 years between all his climbs! You must have felt very accomplished looking back up at the peak once you had made it back to the trail head.

  5. Juanita Smith

    It was so great to meet you on our hike to Jackass Pass….. you have some awesome pictures!! Really enjoyed your information about Mitchell Peak.
    MIke and Juanita

  6. Kathy Swanson

    Love it and must do it. The views appear to be spectacular!!!

  7. Leann

    Great article, Shelli! I love learning about the Wind River Mountains.

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