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  1. John E. Buckley

    To Shelli Johnson,
    Hello, my name is John,and I just want to say how much I like your videos. I was born and raised in San Francico, and I was looking for a Pirates Cove video to send to my friend in Finland. I found yours, and also the Green Gulch
    video…but not part 2. I always say that the Pirates Cove
    Trail, Steep Ravine, and Matt Davis trail are proof positive
    that one does not have to leave The S.F, Bay to find beauti-ful outdoors. And the hike to Rose peak and back, from Del
    Valle Resevoir, in the East Bay is total proof that there is at least one killer hike of great difficulty in the Bay
    Area.This one is only 20 miles but 5600/5700 ft. elevation
    gain, No matter what the hiking books say. I think that this dwarfs Half Dome for difficulty…but not for danger.
    This is along the Ohlone Wilderness Trail, my favorite
    hiking on earth, even if it may not be the very most beau-
    tiful. (It’s close enough for me.)Murietta Falls hike is
    in the area too. 12.6 miles,4400+ elevation. A great day
    hike, I could handle it just twice a year.I read that you
    hiked 32 miles in one day! I’ve done 21 miles maybe 23 once.
    You can also tackle Rose Peak from Sunol trailhead from
    Sunol Wilderness. Up and back is 19 miles 4300-4800′ elev. gain, depending if hike along the creek, or up to Cerra
    Este. With a shuttle, you could hike from Del Valle to
    Rose peak (3817′)on to Sunol Trailhead, 20 miles,4600′
    gain.Or even continue up to Mission Peak(2600′) to The Fremont
    Trail head for 28 miles, and approx.7000-7500′ gain!…etc.
    Maybe you have hiked it already. The 28 miler is out of my league,but I have done the rest, although hiking to Rose
    Peak and back from Del Valle got me into trouble,but I finished about 5300 of the climb.
    I am 59 years old and this area helped to get me back to
    shape after a few health problems. I love the area, it is special to me, and there are eagles out there, too.So if
    you ever hike there, Dec-May is usually best.
    Oh, just one more thing, I lived in Billings Montana for eleven years, 1978-1989. Beartooth Pass and Yellowstone
    are just awesome. May you and your family have a great winter. Sincerely, John B.

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