September 2011

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To Win, Back Yourself Against a Cliff

I am a goal-oriented person. I always am working on a goal, or ten.
From time to time, I refer to the goals I set as Ulysses pacts. A Ulysses pact, or contract, is a self-made decision that binds one to the future. The term refers to the pact Ulysses (Odysseus) made with his men as [...]

My Brooks Range People Made Me Better

My Brooks Range People Made Me Better

This is Post 2 in a series about my recent Alaska Brooks Range backpacking course.
It was Aug. 6, the afternoon before the start of my NOLS Brooks Range Hiking course. I was in Alaska, enjoying the comforts of the Ah, Rose Marie Bed & Breakfast, in Fairbanks, while waiting for others enrolled in the course [...]