September 2010

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Another Best Wind River Hike, Ever…

Another Best Wind River Hike, Ever…

I have had a great four months. My beloved Wind River Range has been good to me. I have been lucky enough to experience seven or eight long and stunning day hikes in my back yard plus a bunch of smaller hikes and outdoor adventures with my family.
Most recently, my husband, Jerry, and I hiked [...]

My Upcoming Fitness Goals

This is POST 30 of my “fitness journey.”For backstory, see Post 1,
Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5, Post 6, Post 7,Post 8, Post 9, Post 10, Post 11, Post 12Post 13,Post 14, Post 15, Post 16, and Post 17,Post 18, Post 19,Post 20,Post 21, Post 22,Post 23, and Post 24, Post 25, [...]

I Ate A Grasshopper. On Purpose.

So, I’m trying for my own survival show. Friends have been pressuring me to eat an insect. They said it would help my chances if I had a video of me doing so. So, here it is. It was hard. (And by the way, if you know anyone at Discovery Channel, please share this with [...]

Shelli and Friends Vs. Wild

I love survival reality shows like Man Vs. Wild and Dual Survival. They showcase great challenges, stunning scenery and “news you can use.” Who knows when I might need to know how to skin and cook a field mouse, or start a fire without matches.
Here’s my first effort at my own such show. I hope [...]